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sample imageWhat we offer is a beginning to end solution for collecting and post-producing immersive video.  Our personnel perform the onsite collection by recording video routes that represent walking routes through the building.  This process is usually performed in off hours.  Building interior video can contain anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of individual images. A finished building can easily consist of several linear miles of footage. Our post production software edits and organizes this data.

How long does it take?

Small buildings less than 50,000 sq/ft can be done in a couple of hours. Buildings in the 200,000 sq/ft range can be done in one day. Buildings that are over 1 million sq/ft can take a week. It really depends on the character of the environment, office vs. warehouse, and the ease of access throughout the building.

sample image If you have a floor plan of it, we can do it!

This system isn't just for buildings either. Get Explore 360™ on ships, airliners and passenger trains.