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About ImmersiMap LLC

Headquartered in Columbia, MD we're the originators of indoor immersive video collection technology.  ImmersiMap Global was founded in 1996 and developed a technology to collect 360 degree video throughout a building interior and reference it to a floorplan.  This evolved into our proprietary backpack system that allows us to cover virtually an entire building including stairwells, elevators, ladders and rooftops.  Explore 360™ is the software viewing application that allows the end user to interact with the immersive video and navigate the environment.


Tom Stankiewicz                                                                                                                           founder and CEO                                                                                                                                        (RET. LT. Erie Police Dept)

sample imagesample imagePrior to forming ImmersiMap Global, Tom Stankiewicz worked in law enforcement for over 20 years for the Erie International Airport Police and the Erie City Police Departments. During that time he spent 6 years on the SWAT Team and 11 years as the Bomb Squad Commander for the Erie City Police.  His experience on these specialized units led him to develop the best solution to allow responders to quickly understand the character of a buildings environment and how to navigate through it.