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Immersive Video Navigation with Explore 360™

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Explore 360™ Immersive Video Navigation from ImmersiMap Global enables users to navigate through the interior of buildings via 360° video routes. This provides a first person perspective of the environment and the best understanding of the interior of a building available today. This is made possible through our proprietary data collection system and end user software which integrates into open platform software programs as well as websites.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

software program Explore 360™ adds another dimension to your PSIM and Video Management Systems (VMS) software by incorporating Immersive Video Navigation. Users can explore and/or run routes between any locations in that facility. This is what your First Responders need.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)             

high riseAll of your assets have a geographic location. Explore 360™ can help you display them so that employees can rapidly locate them to report issues. Personnel responding for the repair will easily understand where the problem is and receive in-building routing on how to get there.

Luxury Real Estate &    Yacht Marketing                 

nyc brownstoneExplore 360™ allows potential buyers to understand the character of the buildings and how the rooms relate to each other better than any other solution on the market.  Help them find the properties they're "really" interrested in before travelling to them.

  •  Enhance table top training for First  Responders
  •  Enhance scenario-based training for  First Responders
  •  Significantly increased Situational  Awareness
  •  More efficient response to incidents  inside your buildings
  •  Safer response to problems inside  your buildings
  •  Risk Management
  •  Space planning from remote locations
  •  Assist investigations by remotely  determining incident locations

  •  Significantly increased Situational  Awareness
  •  Risk Management
  •  Space planning from remote locations
  •  Enhance work order requests with  immersive video
  •  Maintenance personell spend less time  locating job location
  •  Maintenance personell can perform  virtual walk downs on components
  •  Provides visual documentation of  building during and after construction
  •  Colaborate on building space from  multiple locations

  •  Comprehensive virtual touring of  properties
  •  Locate properties of interest faster  and easier
  •  Show properties to potential buyer  remotely
  •  Time saver for buyers and agents
  •  Visual document can be transfered to  buyer

Integrate Explore 360™ today

If your an integrator looking for a way to differentiate your solution from the competition or an end user looking for a multi-purpose tool for your solution, you need Explore 360™. Whether it's Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), Video Management Systems (VMS), Facility GIS, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or luxury real estate marketing, Explore 360™ enhances it. We have created an intuitive interface to better understand, in a visual way, the facilities that you own or represent.